Ottawa Interview Series; Getting To Know Local Digital Finger Painter Chelsea Lundy (+ Giveaway)

Ottawa Interview Series / Tuesday, January 16th, 2018
That’s ME!! 🙂

“There’s an app for that”.

These days you can take that catchphrase literally. Almost everything you could ever need and/or want is right there, at the touch of your fingertip. You can swiftly edit photos, follow the news in real time, watch tv shows and movies, listen to music and podcasts, and the newest & coolest thing I’ve discovered, is make art. Chelsea Lundy, aka @chelsdrawsyou, has made hundreds of digital art pieces using the touch of her finger. Yes, she makes these pieces using only two things; her iPhone and her fingertip! I’m always looking for amazing things on Instagram, and I love finding really inspirational accounts. And what makes an account worth following is something different. Well, when I saw Chelsea’s work, the first thing that struck me is that it very much is totally and completely unique – I’ve never seen anything like it and I never ever would have thought this even existed. I thought it was so cool and I was so intrigued as to everything going on behind the scenes so I just has to include her in my newest Ottawa Interview Series. We met up at Cafe Cristal (shout out!) and became fast friends. Here’s the scoop.

A New Art Form is Born

After becoming a graphic designer through Algonquin College a few years ago, Chelsea took a day job in her respected field. One day she happened to randomly download this drawing app on her iPhone, and started playing around with it. Mostly drawing her friends at parties, she realized that she may actually be really talented at this, and decided to create the Instagram account @chelsdrawsyou, a spoof off of her original account @chelslovesyou, to show the world her creativity. Little did she know the reception that her work was going to have. First posting her drawings of her friends, celebs, and whatever else she felt inspired by, she quickly gained likes, followers, and had requests rolling in for commissioned pieces. Although her style has evolved from minimalist into more detailed drawings, the process remains the same. You can send her a file of the picture you want reproduced, or she can surprise you by choosing something from your Instagram account. She’ll work on the drawing for anywhere between twenty minutes and two hours depending on size, detail, etc. Once she has the finished piece, she’ll send you the digital file, and then you can choose the printing and framing of the piece – easy peasy. No shipping & no snailmail. She can basically draw anything you want – portraits of individuals, couples, pets, families, etc. This past Christmas was her busiest time yet, but Valentine’s Day is coming up and PSA to all guys – a digital fingerpainting of your bae or her cat or better yet, the both of them together, is a really thoughtful gift that she won’t expect. Here’s the link for all of the info. You’re welcome. 🙂


Getting Serious

One of my favourite parts of actually getting to know someone in person that I’ve only ever followed online is their story. Everyone has a history to their life that they don’t post for the public on the daily. I’m always so thankful that people can be so open and share this with me. One topic that Chelsea and I kept coming back to during our convo was alcohol, drugs, and sobriety. Chelsea has been sober for a year and a half. She represents something all too common – there are so many of us that slip between the cracks because things might seem okay, when they’re actually spiraling out of control. We aren’t homeless, or getting arrested, or overdosing on opiates, but we’re headed down a very slippery slope. I can totally relate, and I think that many other people can as well. Sobriety is a tough thing to maintain in our society – I know because I’ve tried. Since art is proven to be therapeutic, Chelsea says having such an outlet and passion has definitely helped her with moving forward towards a healthier and happier lifestyle. She’s referenced this aspect of her life briefly in a few of her Instagram posts and other girls have reached out, sharing their stories and struggles. This is something I was so happy that she let me include because everyone else’s life can seem so perfect and put together on social media, and there’s a lot of pressure to keep up with this. But no matter how swimmingly things seem to be going for everyone else all.the.time, humanity gives us all something in common; problems, and struggles, and roadblocks. I know that sometimes it can feel like you’re completely alone but, as you can see, you very much are not.


Where Does It Go From Here?

It’s clear that Chelsea has found “her thing” and has fallen into her calling – just browsing through her Instagram account will show you that. When I asked her what she’s inspired by, she didn’t name one specific person or Instagram account. She’s motivated by ideas and aesthetic. You know when you’re scrolling through Tumblr or Pinterest and coming across images that catch your attention and just speak to you – they make you want to create. Like most of us, Chelsea wants her #sidehustle to become her full-time gig, and with her number of followers & customers climbing, and celebrities reposting her drawings (think Troian Bellisario from Pretty Little Liars – SO jealous!), she’s definitely headed in the right direction, and I can’t wait to see her success.


I’ve got a 2-3 person/pet customized portrait to give away – so one lucky winner can choose whatever custom photo they want as a digital finger painting and Chelsea will do it up for ya!


1. Follow @hollegracejames and @chelsdrawsyou on Instagram.

2. Post a comment telling us about the photo you would choose!


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You can find all of these options below on the Rafflecopter widget. Contest closes at noon on Tuesday January 23rd, and this contest is open to any and all. 🙂




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15 Replies to “Ottawa Interview Series; Getting To Know Local Digital Finger Painter Chelsea Lundy (+ Giveaway)”

  1. That’s a really touching story and what a cool talent to have! I love Chelsey’s drawing style and the picture of you, Hollie, is beautiful. If I had the option, I would love a drawing of me and my cat 🐱

  2. Beautiful drawing and lovely article. Love knowing people’s back stories. I’m a big fan of @chelsdrawsyou and would LOVE a family drawing of myself, my husband and daughter.

  3. I love Chelsea’s work! I actually ordered four of her paintings as Christmas gifts this year! I would love to get one done of either my husband and I on our wedding day, or one of us and our dogs!!

  4. I think my daughter would like this, I bet she would choose a photo of her and her boyfriend 🙂 but I would let her choose because we also have 2 dogs that she adores.

  5. So interesting to learn more about the woman and crazy talent behind chelsdrawsyou. I’ve been following her for a while, ever since I saw one of my friends post a portrait they had done on instagram and I was like whaaaaat is that?!

    I would love to get a portrait of my boyfriend and I or maybe one of my parents. 🙂

  6. I commented on your IG but not sure if I was supposed to comment here too! I would choose a pic of me and my bf! We don’t have any printed at home! 👎🏻

  7. Hollie, love this article!! I love to read about local talent, and Chelsea is so talented!! I love your website and your interviews with some of Ottawa’s most talented. Great job!!

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