Staycations RoadTrips and Travel; Sail Away From The Safe Harbor (Travelling In St. Vincent & The Grenadines)

Staycations, Road Trips, and Travel / Friday, February 9th, 2018
My travel toes are tingling – it’s time for an adventure ​outsideof the country, outside of the continent. This year, we’re going to be #wanderlusting in The Azores (Portugal) – long the playground of discerning European travellers. We’re really looking forward to some hiking, biking, whale watching and wine tasting. But before I get ahead of myself here, I’m dusting off an old draft of our last adventure, which takes me out of this snow globe and onto a sandy beach in the Caribbean. The hustle and bustle here is ​real  there are indeed some very crowded tourist islands. But it’s not like we were at a beautiful 5-star resort in Jamaica or the Bahamas – that would be way too boring! I’m talking about travelling a little more off the beaten path. We experienced travel in one of the rawest forms, by ​sailing through the islands in St. Vincent & The Grenadines. Not like on a yacht with uniformed staff and caviar & champagne, it was more of a ​boat ​– a sailboat to be exact. And there were 6 of us (3 couples) crammed in there for a week. We slept, ate, drank and did everything in these tiny quarters that, quite literally, shrank each day. And as much as I complained, especially regarding the lack of showering in fresh water, it really was a blast. We island hopped from Bequia to Mayreau (where you ​have​ to go and see Righteous Bob, who is spreading nothing but Marley like vibes across the island) to Union Island to Canouan and finally back to St. Vincent, the largest of the country’s islands. The Caribbean is not all glitz and glam—well, except for the island of Mustique where Shania Twain, The Royals and other celebs flock to their very own private villas. What we experienced, although more rags than riches, was all amazing and interesting – precisely because of its natural beauty: consider it a burgeoning ecotourism destination. When you make it to Kingstown, the capital of St. Vincent, you have to promise me that you’ll immediately get in touch with Fraser Truno and his Taxi Tours. We learned so much from this amazing born and bred local, and he generously shared with us what this Caribbean island really is all about.

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