I’ve lived in the Ottawa area my whole entire life – my life journey has so far been here. I never really realized or appreciated how much this city has to offer, and I think most people have a similar mindset. However, once I began researching local experiences, events, people, places, etc., it gave me ideas, and I started to get out there and do things across a spectrum of interests. I love certain types of journalism (immersive, gonzo, backpack), and although I’m not quite as extreme (yet;:)) I’m having lots of different experiences, attending more events, chatting with the people of Ottawa, getting into the local business scene. This is a newish project, so that’s my vision of the direction in which I’d like to travel. I hope I can inspire You to step out of your comfort zone (you should be uncomfortable at least once a day in order to grow – for real!). So get! Get out there and really live your life in this thriving city of ours.